RYDER CUP '23: A glossary of golf terms in Italian for the event outside Rome

GUIDONIA MONTECELIO, Italy (AP) — With the Ryder Cup being held in Italy for the first time, The Associated Press has put together a glossary of golf terms in Italian that might be heard around the Marco Simone club this week. While golf remains a niche sport in Italy and local players still borrow most of the terms from English, there are some Italian words that are widely used. Signs directing fans around the course outside Rome are written in both English and Italian:

GLOSSARY (with pronouncers)

Buca (BOO-kah): hole; buche (BOO-keh): holes

Bandiera (bahn-di-AIR-uh): flag

Bastone (bah-STONE-eh): club

Campo (comp-OH): course

Campo pratica (comp-OH prah-TEE-kah): driving range

Colpo (COLE-po): shot

Ferro (FEHR-oh): iron

Flappa (FLAH-pah): fat shot

Gancio (GONE-choh): hook shot

Legno (LANE-yo): wood

Pallina (pah-LEE-nah): ball

Sacca (SOCK-uh): bag

Uovo fritto (WOVE-oh free-tow): fried egg — for a ball plugged in a bunker


Forza Europa! (FORE-zuh yure-ROW-pah): Go Europe!

Vai Europa! (VY yure-ROW-pah): Go Europe!


Terms that are shouted often by golf spectators in the United States but very likely won’t be heard from Italian fans:

Light the candle: accendere la candela (ah-CHEN-deh-ray lah kahn-DAY-luh)

Mashed potatoes: purè di patate (pure-RAY dee pah-TAH-tay)

Get in the hole: vai dentro (VY DEHN-troh)


AP golf: https://apnews.com/hub/golf


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